What To Expect

What To Expect


When you come to the Vineyard, you will find real people, just like you, coming together to experience a real God. You’ll find people who are investigating Christianity for the first time, new believers, and “seasoned” Christians – all hanging out together.


From the head pastor to the first-time visitor, people find the Vineyard a safe place to “be yourself.” Our Life Groups (small groups – usually home-based) are a great place to meet others and go deeper with God. If you’re not quite sure about all this God business, we offer a course called ALPHA – a weekly meeting for those with doubts and questions about God . And we have world-class children’s ministry and childcare during our Sunday services.


We have a full worship band, and we sing simple songs to God to express our love for Him. If you’re not quite there yet, that’s OK. Just grab a cup of coffee and sit back. Then we usually hear a talk from the Bible – communicated in clear and accessible language.

We’ve found that God is interested in the lives of regular people like you and me. He cares about our lives, our jobs, our relationships, our families. Sometimes during the worship part of the service, while we are singing songs to God, He will touch people in an unmistakable way. During the messages, when the pastor is making some point or quoting a verse from the Bible, God will sometimes speak to our hearts profoundly. And at the end of each service, you’ll have an opportunity to receive prayer from our “prayer teams” – members of the church who will listen to your specific needs and ask God to do something about it. These times can be life-changing.

And that’s what we’re all about – connecting with God in worship and letting God connect with us to touch our hearts and change our lives – and connecting with others to do life together in the Kingdom of God.