The World We Live In: A Letter on Recent Events

The World We Live In: A Letter on Recent Events

The World We Live In: A Letter on Recent Events

Van, our Senior Pastor, is on vacation this week visiting family and getting some much deserved rest. Over the past week, he and I communicated about the events that have been occurring in our nation. I believe I speak for both of us when I say that in spite of the evil we are facing as a country, God is very active and very good. We as Christ followers are called to continue loving deeply and to carry good news of the Kingdom into places where people are hurting and questioning.
This past weekend, I shared the following statement and in our services:

“I think it is safe to say that everyone of us came here today with the shootings over the past week on our minds. The shootings in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas, have raised a lot of questions. Questions like:
What is happening in our country?
What will happen next?
Are we safe?
The events have stirred emotions like anger, hurt, shock, fear and suspicion. Lives in the cities I mentioned are forever changed. Families and friends are grieving today. As a nation, we all are touched by the grief. ”

Before I proceeded with the message for the day, we all joined together as I spoke the following prayer:

“Holy Spirit we welcome you here. You are the Great Comforter and Counselor and we look to you for comfort and guidance for our country right now. We lift the families of every person personally impacted by these shootings to you. God, pour comfort and strength into their hearts. Within our hearts here today, Holy Spirit, do your work. Help us to look to Jesus right now and to hear his words. Let us hear his words above the continuous cycle of news and the opinions expressed. Fill us with your love. Let your kingdom come and your will be done on earth, today, right now, as it is in heaven.

Phil Strout, the National Director of Vineyard USA, wrote a letter that I highly recommend you take some time to read; it gives a response to the past week’s events. Click Here to read Phil’s email.

Let’s continue praying for God’s presence, goodness, and mercy to be poured into lives throughout our nation.

In Him,
Dave King
Vineyard Church Northwest