Our Core Values

Our Core Values


We extend God’s mercy to each other and allow each to grow one step at a time. None of us is perfect, so we strive to create a safe atmosphere where we can be authentic and real about our struggles. From that perspective, we encourage each other to take the next step of obedience with God. James 3:17


Our hearts are tilted in the direction of the seeking and the wandering. Our goal is to create a warm, accepting, and caring atmosphere. We put effort into removing barriers of language and religiosity. We teach the Bible with language and a style that an uninitiated person could grasp easily. In line with this, we are committed to serving our community through practical acts of kindness and mercy that reveal the love of God. Matthew 28:18-20


We want to be a church body whose atmosphere is filled with the presence and power of God. All of our efforts would be fruitless without God’s power. We believe that God wants to reveal Himself to people – His truth, power and presence – in an experience with the Holy Spirit that is life changing. Acts 1:8


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